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Community Health Improvement Plan 

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The Community Health Improvement Plan (CHIP) is a framework to strengthen, focus, and streamline local efforts to improve health and well-being in Erie County. The CHIP’s main components are: six priorities including three factors and three health outcomes, 23 measurable objectives, and a list of evidence-informed strategies.

With the long-term goal of ensuring all Erie County residents achieve their full health potential, the CHIP takes a comprehensive approach to achieving equity and addressing the many factors that shape our health, including housing, access, and trauma.


The Erie County Community Health Improvement Plan (CHIP) was initially developed in 2013, and has undergone multiple revisions since it was initially adopted. Community Health Assessment data was used to identify and prioritize issues, develop strategies, and implement actions to ensure measurable health improvement.


The CHIP is designed to be implemented by a wide range of public and private partners. Erie County's Roots of Prevention collaborative will be responsible for implementing the strategies and reporting on progress. Each of the various collaborative coalitions will function as an action team focused on implementing specific strategies.


In November 2019, a diverse group of local stakeholders convened in a visioning session to determine the vision and mission of the updated and revised Erie County Community Health Improvement Plan. The result of that session was the creation of the updated mission and vision statements for the Erie County Community Health Improvement Plan. The new vision and mission born from that process are:



A community united for safety and health equity.


To collaborate and promote increased access to community resources and education to achieve safety and health equity. 


The 2019 Erie County, Ohio, Community Health Assessment contains data that reflects our collective progress and our obstacles as a community in areas associated with daily life. 

The 2019 information is comparable with Ohio and national data so we can rate our measured success with other like communities. The data collected in this assessment belongs to every individual and agency in Erie County. Since health is created by a multitude of factors beyond the scope of traditional public health activities, a collaborative approach that integrates health considerations into policymaking across sectors is needed to create sustainable change. Erie county organizations and agencies should use the data in this assessment to create and implement policy, system, and environmental changes within each organization and improve the health of all people in our community. 


For more information about the Erie County Community Health Improvement Plan, Erie County Community Health Assessment, or to join the Steering Committee, contact:​

Abby Schwanger

(419) 626-5623 x5172