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Healthy Sprouts

An organized community effort to eliminate health disparities, improve birth outcomes and improve the health status of women, infants and children in Erie County.


To have a community free of infant mortality.


Decrease infant mortality by improving the accessibility and quality of health services for mothers and infants in Erie County.



  • Recruitment, engagement, and retention of members

Cribs for Kids:

  • Project Lead: Amber Butts,

  • Assess the local referral process for Cribs for Kids and Safe Sleep and identify gaps, barriers, and possible solutions

  • For more information on acquiring a free crib in Erie County, please contact our community health worker, Amber at (419) 626-5623 extension 5113

Preconception Health:

  • Project Lead: Maddy Davies,

  • Develop an outreach plan and conduct a preconception health assessment among women ages 18-44 within Erie County

Peer Support:

  • Project Lead: Maddy Davies,

  • Gather a list of peer support systems, trainings, and behavioral health providers who treat pregnant women in Erie County

  • Select screening tool for Opioid Use Disorder in pregnant women and develop plan of action for implementation at an identified agency


For more information on Healthy Sprouts contact:

Maddy Davies

(419) 626-5623 x5213