National Fall Prevention Week

The Stand Steady Coalition invites you to participate in a virtual fall prevention walk during September, 21st through September, 25th, 2020. Your virtual pledge to walk 1 mile will bring awareness to the prevention of falls among older adults.

The 1 mile walk is to celebrate National Falls Prevention Awareness week and to raise awareness of the many ways older Ohioans can minimize their fall risks. The Stand Steady Coalition and the Erie County Health Department initiative asks all of Erie County to help take "10  Million Steps to Prevent Falls"  throughout the month of September. 

While Ohioans age 65 and older comprise 17 percent of our population, they account for more than 87 percent of fatal falls. Falls are the leading cause of injury-related emergency department visits, hospitalizations and deaths among older Ohioans. 

Falls are a common health problem for older adults aged 65 years and older in Northwest Ohio. For seniors, their family, and caregivers, a fall can have serious consequences including trauma, pain, impaired function, loss of confidence in carrying out their daily activities, and loss of physical/mental independence, and even death. This phase of the senior’s life can be challenging and has an increased potential to have increased health disparity.

Click Here to Take the Pledge

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